By Emily Richardson, Lang ‘14

On March 19, a letter from Director Levi was sent to President John R. Everett forwarding a letter that was “prepared by a committee of the Art Workshops” which comprised of the Art faculty petitioning to the Administration (the Board of Trustees). The petition was to:

1) authorize quick acquisition of new studio space;

2) “go on record in favour of instructional funds being augmented by sources outside of tuition”;

3) establish a core of full-time faculty members “with terms of employment commensurate with that rank”;

4) support the Director’s policies designed to encourage enrollment and commitment to students;

5) declare their intention to implement those policies, and inform faculty of progress through the Dean.

The school, or at least the art department, was growing. A common theme was that there was not enough space for the classes. From a student letter, we see that he resisted registering for sculpture classes at first because of the space issue. So then was the registration problem due to cramped space and inadequate resources? That would mean that classes would not fill up because there was a small space. They needed more students to enroll, but to do so they would need to physically expand. [B. 1, F. Art Workshops, NSPE Executive Dean’s files, NSA.]