Mario Puzo, “The Last Don”

Category : Students, Writing

A week after the death of Athena’s violent, vengeful ex-husband, Boz Skannet. Cross De Lena received a dinner invitation to Athena Aquitane’s house in Malibu through his sister Claudia.
Cross flew from Vegas to Los Angeles, rented a car, and arrived at the Malibu Colony guarded gatehouse as the sun began to fall into the ocean. There was no longer any special security, as there had been when Boz was threatening Athena’s life, though there was still the secretary in the guest house who checked and buzzed him in. He walked through the longitudinal garden to the house on the beach. There was still the little South American maid, who led him to the sea green living room that seemed just out of reach of the Pacific Ocean waves.

Source:  Cosmopolitan (Nov 1996): 260-268

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