Sara Ruddick, “Love’s Reason”

Category : Philosophy, Women

My life has been shaped by a love affair with Reason. When I felt awkward or left out as a child or beset by lustful and envious fantasies, I clung to Reason in the most obsessive manner, determined to be faithful despise my “wild”, unpleasant feelings. And Reason rewarded me, promising that if I took refuge in books and held fast to the Rational, I would someday control “irrational”, unruly desires or at least, from Reason’s perch, belittle them. Somewhat later, as I battled with my devoted and intimidating lawyer father, Reason gave me arguments. My voice might be tense, I might even cry, but with Reason on my side I could manage my love and my fear.

Source: Maternal Thinking: Towards a Politics of Peace (Boston: Beacon, 1995): 7-12

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