Thorsten Veblen, “The War and Higher Learning”

Category : Education, Founding

The modern state of the industrial arts has got its growth and holds its footing by force of an effectual disregard of national demarcations. Not only is it true that this body of industrial knowledge, which makes the material foundation of modern civilisation, is of an international character and that it has been brought into bearing, and continues to be held, as a common stock, common to all the civilised nations; but it is also to be kept in mind that this modern technology always and necessarily draws on the world’s resources at large for the means and materials of its work, regardless of national frontiers – in so far as the politicians do not deliberately put obstacles in the way of a free movement of these means and materials.

Source:  The Dial, Vol. LXV, July 18, 1918, pp. 45-49

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