Frieda Wunderlich, “Fascism and the German Middle Class”

When a Gallup Pole was taken some years ago in the United States  asking people whether they felt they belonged to the upper, middle or lower class of society, some 8o per cent chose the middle class. A poll  in Germany before the rise of Hitlerism would have shown very different  results. Wage earners in Germany-even if skilled and well paid-were  proud to be proletarian, and it may have been a feeling of inferiority combined with the traditional adoration of the leading feudal class which, on the other hand, aroused the longing in large middle-class groups in Germany to belong to the upper strata of society. Election returns showed the attraction of parties of the right to middle-class people, who could there mingle with those groups to which they aspired to belong.

Source: The Antioch Review, Vol. 5, No. 1 (Spring, 1945), pp. 56-67

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