Raoul Aglion, “French Colonial Policy”

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France, the nation having the second largest colonial empire in the world, is the country bearing the largest responsibility in Africa. The territories administered by France on the Dark Continent may be divided into two separate and distinct parts: 1 “White Africa,” 2 “Black Africa.”

Source: World Affairs 107.2 (Jun 1944): 78-81

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Gustave Cohen, “Were There Theatres in the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries?”

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It seems beyond question that the documents collected by Professor Laura Hibbard Loomis and Professor Roger Loomis invite the historian of the mediaeval stage to revise a current opinion founded on an incomplete citation of texts and many preconceptions.

Source: Speculum 20.1 (Jan 1945): 96-98

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Claude Levi Strauss, La Pensée savage

It has long been the fashion to invoke languages which lack the terms for expressing such a concept as ‘tree’ or ‘animal’, even though they contain all the words necessary for a detailed inventory of species and varieties. But, to begin with, while these cases are cited as evidence of the supposed ineptitude of ‘primitive people’ for abstract thought, other cases are at the same time ignored which make it plain that richness of abstract words is not a monopoly of civilized languages.

Source: Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1962

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Jacques Maritain,“Integral Humanism and the Crisis of Modern Times”

To avoid misunderstanding, I should note at once that my point of view is here not that of the mere logic of ideas and doctrines, but that of the concrete logic of the events of history. From the first point of view, that of the mere logic of ideas and doctrines, it is evident that there are many possible positions other than the “pure” positions which I shall examine. One might ask theoretically and in the abstract, what value these various positions have. That is not what I plan to do. In a word, my point of view is that of the philosophy of culture, and not that of metaphysics.

Source: The Review of Politics 1.1 (Jan 1939): 1-17

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Aristide Zolberg, “The École Libre at the New School”

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In 1939, Marc Bloch reached the apex of the French academic pyramid. Cofounder with Lucien Febvre of Annales, the journal that revolutionized social and economic history, he was also an ardent practitioner of the comparative method, seeking thereby to rebuild bridges between history and the social sciences.

Social Research; Winter 1998; 65, 4; ABI/INFORM Global, pg. 921 – 951

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