The New School History

  • Fashion judging, probably early 1950s (Photographer: Clemens Kalischer). Jack Hargis and Stefan in foreground. Claire McCardell on far left in background.
  • Herbert Gehr's All The King's Men performed by The New School as part of the Dramatic Workshop.
  • In 1933, Alvin Johnson developed the idea for the University in Exile as a way to offer refuge from Nazi Germany to both scholars and the ideas they represented by bringing them to New York.
  • The original design of the dance studio in the basement of 66 12th St was quite colorful and vibrant, as this early drawing by the designer James Urban shows. The colors were to energize the dancers and improve their practice.
  • What if the famous Orozco murals could talk? See the attempt of a few students to interview the legendary artwork.
  • The new 65 5th building has sparked much debate, and received both praise and criticism. Yet the address at 65 Fifth Avenue has quite a history behind it.
  • City Activities, Mural by Thomas Benton
  • The Fashion Design program Parsons has always been known for its professors and mentors; the professors have always been industry professionals who bring the students outside of the classroom and into the real world.
  • The 66 W 12th St building was the first to be constructed solely for use by The New School’s in 1930 at a cost of about $1,000,000.